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Dynamic Ventures - Software Development Services
Volkswagen's Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL)
GE Healthcare - Radiopharmacy Labs
MDR Pharmaceutical Care
Graphics Editors for GIS
Image Processing and Image Analysis Application
Application Integration
Roundabout Entertainment, Inc.
Roundabout Entertainment, Inc.
Video Analysis and Processing
Application Integration
On-line Proposal Evaluation Services
Investment Applications
3 screens presentation system
Integration with QuickBooks
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)
HP NewWave
Integrating Oracle Context with MS Word
RE InfoLink
Private web-application of the Real Estate MLS
RE InfoLink
Public web-application of the Real Estate MLS
Digital Imaging Software
Telephony & voice OCX
Application Integration
As a result of VARS Acquisition
"Real Time" WEB Based Application
WEB Based
e-Commerce & e-CRM
TV Interactive
Springman Records
Web-based store
Cisco Customer Response Applications
As a result of Clarify Acquisition
Old Republic Title
Old Republic Title Application Integration
Harmonic Lightwaves
Network managemnet software for fiber-optic networking
Coached start-up team
DCOM base 'Access Management System'
Applied Materials
Change Control
Animation OCX
San Jose State University
Spy software program
Software that shipped as part of their product
Diamond Multimedia
Diamond Multi Media Software for the 'Net Commander' ISDN adapter card
Digital image management system
Prime Choice Auto Parts
Custom eBay Integration

"Thank you for the excellent service and top quality work. I've enjoyed working with you and your crew and have very much appreciated promptness and flexibility"

Dick Stott - CalEd Software, Carmel, CA

"I hired Dynamic Ventures after getting frustrated with my in-house staff of 2 programmers. My staff had worked on our software for about 9 months with little results. Within 2 weeks of hiring Dynamic Ventures our software was well on its way to becoming a first class product. Needless to say, Dynamic Ventures was soon the only staff that I needed.
I would also credit Dynamic Ventures for producing a world class product not only in half the time that I expected but also of such quality that a fortune 500 company soon purchased our company specifically for this software product.

Scott Groff - Former CEO, founder and inventor of VARS Video Imaging System, San Jose, CA

"When Digital Fountain was in the incubation stage, Yitzchak (Itzak) Ehrlich of Dynamic Ventures helped us to develop a prototype of our technology. His help contributed to our ability to obtain VC funding."

Michael Luby, PhD - Co-Founder and CTO, Digital Fountain, Fremont, CA

"Under contract, Dynamic Ventures (DV) designed and developed the initial release of our PC-based software product, a management system for dental images and dental records. They worked with our management and engineering team as well as our domain experts in the initial stages of product design to understand the needs and requirements of the new product. By involving our internal team in an iterative design approach with formal reviews, we ended up with a product that was of very high quality.
We currently have sold over 800 copies of the software to dental offices around the US and we are still going strong. We have successfully released five major updates of the product, while retaining the core database and user-interface developed in the initial release. I would highly recommend Dynamic Ventures for any company seeking a quality outsourced alternative for product design and development.

John Thomas - President, Televere Systems - www.tigerview.com