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We are fluent in all the latest software development and software programming tools and technology. These include: C#, Visual C++ (VC++), VB, MFC, ATL, STL, WIN32, GDI+, WinForm, SQL Server, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow, Windows, Windows Multimedia SDK, WPF, WCF. In addition to building applications, we are also experts in building components - such as COM, DCOM, OCX, ActiveX, Custom Controls, Windows Forms Custom Controls, ASP.NET Server Controls, User Controls and Windows Installer Packages (MSI).
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You can count on Dynamic Ventures for top-quality Desktop and Web applications with fast development cycles at very competitive rates. Our development approach uses agile methodology which enables us to produce superior software that addresses real issues -- while being reliable and easy to use, maintain, and evolve. Most of the software products we develop are used by our client's customers and marketed under our clients' company names.
Successful Solutions for your Organization's Unique Challenges
Our strong software engineering background makes us uniquely qualified to create a successful solution for virtually any type of application development project. Now, we're ready to apply our knowledge and expertise to the unique challenges and requirements of your operation.

Dynamic Ventures has developed many notable and successful Windows and Desktop applications for a broad spectrum of companies across different industries. Most of the software products we develop are used by the customers of our clients and marketed under our clients' company names.

See how we can meet your unique needs by reviewing some samples of our work below.

Shade Calculator for the Solar-Pannel Industry

  • This image processing tool calculates the impacts of shade on solar pannels, based on pictures taken with a fisheye lens.

    The software calculates the amount of shade for each hour of the day and month of the year, taking into account obstacles that obstruct the sun-light. Calculations are based on latitude and consider the loss of tree leafs. The image editing capabilities allow the user to define tree characteristics and remove obstacles, such as clouds, from the pictures.

SanDisk Backup/Restore Desktop Application for the Cruzer PocketCache™ USB Flash Drives

  • Cruzer PocketCache enables users to perform regular and repeated backups of PC files and directories onto a single USB flash drive. Dynamic Ventures created the "smart" backup/restore software that is pre-installed in the SanDisk Cruzer USB Flash Drives to minimize disk space. Unlike conventional backup methods, Cruzer PocketCache software stores only the changes made to folders or files, dramatically reducing the time and storage space needed to back up data.

    The Cruzer product is downloadable for a free trial period (determined by SanDisk), after which the software is inactivated. The full-function software can be unlocked with a pass code for permanent use when the product is purchased online. The application is designed to facilitate exchange of information between the desktop application and the Web server to complete the purchase. This online download trial process can work for any type of software.

    The Cruzer PocketCache is owned by Kadena System and marketed by SanDisk. Please visit for a demonstration of this application.

Google® Earth Integrated Navigation Software for the Automotive Industry

We developed car-based navigation software integrated with Google® Earth. The software uses NMEA protocol to communicate to GPS. Main features:

  • Display in Google Earth the GPS real-time car position
  • Perform GPS correction
  • Provide just-in-time driving instructions

Graphics Editors for Geographic Information Mapping System (GIS/Mapping)

  • We developed the Vector Editor, Elevation Editor and Metadata Editor components for a major commercial GIS. These are part of a mapping software tool for terrain database generation and visualization that is used to create 3-D terrain databases for real-time visualization systems. (The product is owned and marketed by our client).

Image Processing and Image Analysis

  • We developed multiple commercial Image Processing and Image Analysis applications for the biotech market that are used for life science research. (The products are owned and marketed by our client).

Internet Explorer Plug-ins

We created many Internet Explorer plug-ins for various purposes. Below are some examples:

  • IE Plug-in that sends text messages to cell phones. The message content is text selected from the web-browser (for example, a user could find the address for a restaurant on the web and send the address to their cell phone).
  • IE Plug-in for lawyers and law-students that identifies legal citations on web pages and then provides hyperlinks to further information about the citations.

Excel Plug-in to Generate Online Charts

  • We developed an Excel plug-in for an application that uses Excel data to draw charts on the web. The online charts are similar to built-in Excel charts; their definition is sent to the web service from our Excel plug-in. For more details, please visit

Investment Applications

  • We created Web and Desktop applications that calculate and demonstrate the tax advantages of investments. The applications are used by financial service professionals to show the tax advantages of investment options to potential clients, which helps them close more sales and build commissions. The Desktop version is used in the place of the Web application when the professionals do not have access to the Internet, both the desktop and Web version of the application offer the same functionality.

    We also developed a downloadable trial version of the application, along with an online purchase and activation process. The products are owned and marketed by our client. See for this application.

    We also built a web-based and desktop application to help sell investments products to teachers. The product shows teachers that, with a minimal reduction of “take home” income after taxes, significantly more money can be earned for retirement (thanks to special laws offering unique retirement plans for the teachers). The software also shows teachers what their monthly “take home” income would be at retirement - both with and without the recommended investments.

Three-Screen Presentation System

  • We developed a desktop-based multimedia presentation system that enables PowerPoint presentations to be displayed on three screens at once to promote learning and communication effectiveness. The presenter has the ability to add a "ticker" scroll across the bottom of the screen, along with sounds for real-time questions and feedback. The application includes a "developer mode" for preparing and editing the presentation, and a "presenter mode" for showing the presentation.

    This system also has a video recording feature that records the presenter giving a presentation in front of a group along with the PowerPoint slides that were being shown at the time. The system saves the video and synchronizes it with the slide progression. When the video file is played, the slides will appear and advance as they did "live" -- all synchronized with the presenter, which enables others to view the entire presentation at their convenience.

    Users can download a trial version of this desktop application after completing an online registration process. An online purchase and activation process enables users to get the fully functional product in the version desired after the trial (Standard, Pro or Pro Plus). This software is owned and marketed by our client.
    See for the current work-in-progress of this application.

QuickBooks Integration

  • We developed multiple custom utilities to integrate QuickBooks with other software and to increase functionality. We serve the needs of two types of clients:

    1. Vendors who want to integrate their product into QuickBooks. (They sell our work to their clients as part of their product offerings.)

    2. Businesses that want special customization or integration with QuickBooks for their own usages - such as putting information from their Web site into QuickBooks or getting Paypal information from Web-based eBusinesses into QuickBooks accounting software.

Excel-based Optimal Loan Calculation System for Banking

  • We developed an Excel-based application for calculating optimal loan strategies in the banking business. The application allows users to compare loan strategies, refine them and select the optimal plan.

eBay Custom Integrations

  • We developed several custom eBay integrations for eBay sellers. The most typical scenario involves integrating an existing client database and/or application into the eBay platform. We are experts in customizing seller databases and sales systems to automatically list and monitor items at eBay Stores or eBay auction.

SalesForce Applications

We develop several applications for users of to increase productivity and eliminate redundant data entry, such as:

QuickBooks® Plug-in integrated with Yahoo Maps

  • This plug-in creates the optimal delivery route between multiple addresses, selected directly from QuickBooks®, and displays them with driving directions on the Yahoo! Maps website.

Software to Display Moving Objects on a 2D + Perspective

  • We developed software to display the exact position of moving objects or people inside a building on a "2D Plus Perspective" screen.

Image Archival and Retrieval

  • We developed a desktop application which is an integral part of an image archival and retrieval system used to review and analyze defects in the semiconductor production to help improve yields.

    Our client was acquired by a Fortune 500 company specifically to gain ownership of application.

On-line Purchasing

  • We created Web-based online purchasing and trial software activation processes for multiple desktop applications.

Windows Installer Packages (MSI)

  • We developed Setup, Installation and Deployment projects for many types of Windows applications.

Video File Creation and Manipulation

  • We have developed multiple applications involving video creation and manipulation. For example, we developed software that can capture video of microscope images for a medical presentation.

DCOM-based Software

  • Our application enables remote machines to communicate with an Access Management System for physical locations for a provider of building security access management tools and systems. The software allows administrators to control the system from any PC in the network.

Dental X-ray Software

  • We developed archival and diagnostic review software for a Dental X-ray application, which resulted in its FDA 510(k) approval as Class II medical device. (Our client's company was acquired specifically to gain this product.)

Real Estate Market Applications

  • We developed and released to market a variety of PC software packages that provide access to remote databases using a data communication system to automate information gathering and report creation.
  • We developed and released to market a compressed database system used for real estate ownership files and other large data sets. There is also automatic linking between related databases -- such as assessor data, postal carrier route records and TIGER (The Digital Map Database).
  • We developed a Web service that synchronizes Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data with desktop applications.

Clarify Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

  • We developed many of the Business Object Layer internal components that belong to the Clarify Customer Care System.

COM-based Skeletons

  • These applications wrap proprietary technology with several levels of granularity. They are used to write applications for electronic software distribution, video-on-demand, database replication, streaming multimedia and distributed storage.

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