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We have strong expertise developing software applications for mobile devices. We specialize in building applications for organizations that incorporate our software into their product offerings, marketed them under their own company or brand name. We are fluent in the latest software development and software programming tools and technologies.

Programming expertise: Windows CE, Windows Mobile, .NET Compact Framework, Symbian, J2ME, Brew, BlackBerry OS, iPhone, Android.
Programming languages for mobile devices: C#, C++, Java.

We are experts in developing software for:

Windows CE and Windows Mobile (Pocket PC’s and Smart Phones) - client applications with online and offline functionality and synchronization with server applications through web service interfaces.

Symbian (Smart phones) – client application, HTTP communication, graphics, device control, parental control, spam filtering and a wide range of utilities software for Symbian enabled phones.

J2ME (J2ME enabled Smart Phones) – client software, Internet communication, graphics, sound and a wide range of utilities software for J2ME enabled phones.

BREW (mobile phones) - Client software, Internet, Communication, graphics, sound, access phone book and online games

BlackBerry OS –Communication, graphics, sound, access phone book and online games


  • Client application for receiving data from server and displaying it on the device screen or data transformation.
  • Http communication with web sites, data retrieval and data upload to web sites.
  • Software that edits and transforms images.
  • Unit converters, task management applications, miscellaneous software.
  • Client applications for remotely sending to personnel the tasks for a specific time interval and task competition acknowledgement.
  • Wireless communication between two devices, such as instant messaging clients for mobile phones.
  • Reading handset's phone book and/ or synchronize handset's phone book with phone book on server.
  • Friend club on mobile phones: Create group, invite someone to join group, send message to group.
  • Share images online with other users or contacts.
  • Online games between handsets.
  • Offline games (single player for handset).
  • Send an invite message to invite someone to join the system.

Software Methodology: Our iterative "evolving milestone" process helps reduce development time and deliver better products -- even if you have little or no specs (or specs that are incorrect or changing)

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