WIN32 applications development - contract programming

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We have been developing Windows applications since the introduction of Windows by Microsoft. Our Windows development experience dates back to the early days of Windows and our expertise stretches across all Windows development methods. We have been developing windows applications using the Windows API, Platform SDK, Win32, MFC, ATL, Visual C++ (VC++), STL, GDI+, VB. Over the last few years we have also developed Windows form applications with .NET using C#.

In addition to our expertise in building applications we also have expertise in building components like: COM, DCOM, OCX, ActiveX, Custom Controls, Windows Forms Custom Controls, ASP.NET Server Controls, User Controls, Windows Multimedia SDK, OpenGL, DirectX and DirectShow.

We have developped many commercial applications that are used by the customers of our clients and marketed under our clients' company names.

We develop top-quality applications that satisfy real needs with fast development cycles and very competitive rates.

Our strong software engineering background makes us uniquely qualified for almost any type of software development project, plus with our iterative "evolving milestone" process, we can help reduce development time and deliver better products -- even if you have little or no specs (or specs that are incorrect or changing).

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