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Do you have an eBusiness or eCommerce idea? Dynamic Ventures can create the software to make it a reality. We can also help you make a connection between your operation and the customers of the biggest eCommerce sites on the Web. In fact, virtually anything sold manually on eBay, the Amazon Marketplace or other e-retailers can be automated and tracked with our software programming.

We have the expertise and experience to help you integrate your operation into an existing eCommerce service and/or create your own eBusiness:

Integrate your operation into an existing eCommerce service.

Dynamic Ventures has successfully integrated a variety of Web and desktop applications with major eCommerce web sites -- like eBay, PayPal, Google Checkout , Amazon Marketplace , Authorize.net and UPS.

We have the expertise to help you integrate your Web-based eCommerce activities with your back-end operation for easier order processing and tracking.

Start your own eBusiness

We will design, develop and deliver the eBusiness software to fit the needs of your idea and make it work.

Here are some examples of Web applications for eBusiness that we were involved in:

  • Online graphics-based businesses
    Web users design graphic artwork on a browser -- then the artwork is transferred to a back-end processor for production. The Web user pays with PayPal and can track the UPS shipment of the final product. These businesses include:
    • An online greeting card store that lets Web users create, approve and order personalized greeting cards directly on the Web browser -- and delivers professionally printed cards via UPS.
    • An online sign shop that enables Web users to custom design a sign or banner.
  • Online Business Plan Preparation Service
    This is a specialized use of a generic Web application that automatically generates reports based on user responses to an online questionnaire.
  • Web-based Investment Advisor Application
    This demonstrates the tax advantages of investment options to potential clients -- and helps investment advisors close more sales.
  • Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    This enables professionals to more effectively manage the sales and support process -- and communicate with other team members.
  • Real Estate Web sites integrated with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
    This helps real estate agents promote their businesses online.
  • On-line Proposal Evaluation Services
    This application facilitates the submission, review and approval process of proposals, inventions and business plans.
  • Web activities and Web site usage tracking.
  • A Web-based music store.

To ensure the most efficient process, we use an agile software development methodology. Rather than delivering your Web-based eBusiness system all at once, we will build it incrementally through a series of project milestones/iterations. You will have a working system from a very early iteration. As we progress through each project milestone, we will improve and refine the system based on your feedback and your priorities. This way, you’ll end up with a satisfactory final product that meets your expectations.

We recommend sharing the system with actual end-users at an early stage, so you will get real feedback. This will enable us to add and enhance system features to meet real-world requirements.

Our strong software engineering background makes us uniquely qualified for almost any type of software development project. We have strong expertise in developing Web and Desktop Applications using: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server, ADO.NET, Java Scripts, ASP.NET User Controls, ASP.NET Custom Controls, Web Services, ASP, ADO, HTML, XML, DHTML, VC++. We also work with QuickBooks SDK, eBay SDK, PayPal Web Services API, IPN, PDT and, RETS (Real Estae Transaction Standard)

To find out more about how Dynamic Ventures can help you ensure project success, click here. See how we can meet your application development needs -- even if you only have a rough idea, a concept or a short problem description. Call (408) 343-0234 or e-mail info@DyVe.com today.

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